Funding Assistance

Funding Assistance

The Disadvantaged Fund is for individuals or groups who would otherwise be excluded from coming to MERC because of financial hardship.  MERC believes that, given enough notice, schools and families should be able to raise most of the funds to be a part of the MERC experience.  The Disadvantaged Fund is for those who, despite all the best efforts of their school, their community and themselves still cannot afford to visit MERC.The MERC Disadvantaged Fund is a finite resource.  The money in this fund is sourced from business houses and individuals as well as from the Board of Trustee’s own resources and from philanthropic trusts.  This is an arduous and time consuming process and therefore MERC must ensure that these funds are targeted towards the people who most need them and that all other options have been pursued.To apply for the Disadvantaged Fund, Groups must send a formal application to MERC stating specifically who the subsidy is for, why the subsidy is required and how much is requested.  Please also include details of all fundraising efforts by your own group.  Your request will then be considered by the MERC management and Board of Trustees and the group will be informed of their decision as soon as possible.

The application must be made as early as possible to MERC.  Retrospective applications will not be considered.

Please send letters of application to the Bookings Manager

Postal: Marine Education and Recreation Centre
P.O. Box 35 119
Browns Bay
Auckland 0753


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