Paoras Stones

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Paoras Stones


Found forgotten in a store room

There was once a building on the foreshore of Long Bay which housed an interesting nature museum. People could wander through and learn about the local environment
through a number of fascinating displays. In there also was a set of 
three beautifully carved stones. In their wisdom the Regional Council decided to remove it and put its contents into storage, there to suffer an uncertain future or be forgotten. Fate (or Divine Intervention) had other ideas. Our Patron, David Gray,went looking for teaching material which might help MERC in promoting its environmental programmes. What he found, Paora 3 stoneshowever, were three large stones that had been tossed aside and were covered in dust and grime but with their elaborate carvings showing through. One had been broken in half.These were the work of renowned sculptor Toi Te Rangiuaia, better known as . A descendant of Paikea (The Whalerider), Paora served an apprenticeship in jewellery, later moving to carving in greenstone and finally co-founding Waiheke Islands first Maori arts group.
These stone treasures were acquired by MERC and mounted permanently just to the right of the main entrance. The stones represent the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea and the animals on earth. The following set of pictures is better than any wordy description.
Paora1 Paora3 Paora2


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