Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

Whether it be Trust, Communication, Leadership, or you are just after a bit of fun, our experienced team at Sir Peter Blake MERC can tailor a programme for all your needs. Sir Peter Blake MERC believes that “corporate time out” is essential to keep the team focused. Our programmes are “time out” designed, with aspects of team building built in. Our programmes include,

    • ABL (adventure based learning) games.
    • Orienteering with a twist.
    • Tree climb
    • build a raft, but first you have to earn the components.
    • take a half day sail, with some extra excitement added in.
    • canadian canoeing, race the opposition.
Every activity has components that make each group only as good as the weakest member.
Tell us what you want, we will design a programme to suit your group.For further information contact our office on 09 473 0714 x201 or email


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  1. Hello,

    James Quinn here. I had a great experience with the MERC 4 years ago with a my small VisionShape group from the USA.

    I am bringing another small group (7 of us) for another VisionShape on Sunday, February 18, 2018.

    I am writing to see if it would be possible to do a 1/2 day sailing experience with this group, on Tuesday morning, February 20, 2018 … and perhaps a tree climb. We would not be looking to stay overnight. Just a one-day thing.

    Hoping you have an opening for one or both of these events. If so, I would like pricing for each … unless you can give me a combo price.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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